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Get the most out of your solar panels with the new FM-80A digital controller. Thanks to its MPPT peak tracking technology, it is able to optimize its solar kit production by up to 30% compared to other traditional regulators.

Its optimized ventilation allows you to work with its full 80A of current at temperatures as high as 40ºC

Among other features, it is worth highlighting the ability to charge batteries with a voltage much lower than the field of photovoltaic solar panels.

Its backlit display shows all the information with the press of a button.

Its possibility of network communication allows it to be programmed remotely using the optional MATE.

This device is the regulator for professional installations and its low cost makes it pay off quickly.


Up to a maximum of 80A output and can be used in battery banks from 12 to 60V, and with photovoltaic modules adding powers of up to 145VDC in open circuit.


Installation Solar controller 80A MPPT 12v / 24v / 48v / 60v FLEX-80


The installation of this regulator model is very simple, however in Wccsolar we recommend that the 80A MPPT Solar Regulator 12v / 24v / 48v / 60v FLEX-80 be installed by a photovoltaic professional , or strictly follow the installation instructions for avoid breakage and breakdown due to improper installation.


Buy Solar regulator 80A MPPT 12v / 24v / 48v / 60v FLEX-80


Buy Solar regulator 80A MPPT 12v / 24v / 48v / 60v FLEX-80 is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar, in addition the Solar regulator 80A MPPT 12v / 24v / 48v / 60v FLEX-80 has an official Wccsolar guarantee.


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Solar controller 80A MPPT 12v / 24v / 48v / 60v FLEX-80 LCD

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  • Data sheet


    • Nominal battery voltages: 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 VDC (on the same device - to be selected when starting up the device)
    • Maximum output current: 80 amps @ 40ºC / 104ºF with adjustable current limit
    • Maximum PV array power: 12VDC systems 1250W / 24 VDC systems 2500W / 48 VDC systems 5000W / 60 VDC systems 7500W
    • PV array open circuit voltage: 150VDC maximum value in low temperature conditions / 145VDC for starting and maximum operating conditions
    • Standby Consumption: Less than 1W
    • Power conversion efficiency: 97.5% @ 80 Amps in typical 48 VDC system
    • Load regulation: Five states: maximum load (bulk), absorption, flotation, silent and equalization
    • Voltage regulation setpoints: 10 to 60 VDC, user adjustable with password protection
    • Equalization voltage: Programmable voltage and timing - Automatic termination.
    • Battery temperature compensation: Automatic with optional RTS (remote temperature sensor) /
      5.0 mV per ºC per 2 VDC battery cell
    • Reduced voltage capacity: Allows charging a lower voltage battery with a higher voltage PV array - Max 150 VDC
    • Auxiliary control output: Programmable 12VDC output available for different applications (max. 0.2A DC)
    • Information display: 8cm (3.1 ”) Backlit LCD display with 4 lines and 80 characters
  • characteristics

    • Display and remote controller: Optional - MATE or MATE2 with RS232 serial port for communications
    • OutBack data network connection: OutBack data network via RJ45 connector with CAT 5e cable (8 wires)
    • Data record: Last 128 days - Ah, Wh, W peak, Amps, PV voltage, float time, Max and min battery voltage, absorption for each day in addition to accumulated values of Ah and kWh
    • Wind / Hydro Power: Consult manufacturer for compatible systems
    • Positive ground systems: Precise bipolar switch switch to disconnect positive and negative conductors in PV array and battery.
      (The use of HUB4 or HUB10 in ground positive systems is not recommended)
    • Operating temperature range: -40ºC to + 60ºC (The output power is declassified from 40ºC)
    • Environmental category: For indoor installation
    • Connection holes: One 35mm (1 ”) rear; One 35mm (1 ”) left; Two 35mm (1 ”) lower
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Equipment Weight: 5.56 Kg.
      Shipping 7.1 Kg.
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) Equipment 41.3x14x10 cm. - 16.25 x 5.75 x 4 "
      Shipping 53 x 27 x 25 cm - 21 x10.5 x 9.75 "
    • Options Remote temperature sensor (RTS), HUB4, HUB10, MATE and MATE2
    • Spanish and English menu languages on the same device
  • The Differences of PWM and MPPT Regulators

    What solar regulator do I need according to the type of solar panel?

    Normal regulator (PWM): Whether you have 12V solar panels to use in a 12V (isolated or autonomous) solar installation, or if you have 24V solar panels and 72 cells to use in a 24V installation, you must use a normal regulator (of the PWM type). Which is the most economical and suitable for this type of solar panel.

    Maximizer Regulator (MPPT): If you have 24V solar panels and 60 cells (power plates greater than 200W), for use in a 24V solar insulated installation, you must use an MPPT maximizer regulator. Necessary to amplify the voltage of these solar panels, so that when they reach the batteries it is high and the energy is stored well. The MPPT regulator is more expensive but is necessary with this type of plates. Which without the use of the MPPT, the battery life would be damaged since it could not be equalized and would be sulfated in a few months.

In WccSolar we are Multibrand Distributors of Solar Energy Supplies.


WccSolar is First Distributor of several brands of Solar Inverters, We also have an associated technical service to respond quickly to any problem or incident that could be caused by your Inverter devices.


This technical service will be active both during the warranty period and outside this period. In which this service will be offered to the client so that any problem can be solved. Offering peace of mind to the customer in the purchase of our devices.

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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