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Huawei SUN2000-600W-P Smart PV Optimizer Function

The Huawei SUN2000-600W-P Smart PV Optimizer allows you to isolate the solar panel connected to the optimizer from the string of modules. With this we achieve that a partial shadow on that panel, or a different orientation does not affect the overall performance of the series. This application is very useful if, for example, we have a series of panels on a roof but on one of them we can have shadows from a chimney or antenna, for example. It is economically very affordable to be able to isolate the performance of that panel from the rest. Thanks to this feature, the panel that has the optimizer connected will perform to the maximum within its possibilities, but if this is not the case for any other reason, its performance drop will not affect the rest of the panels in the series.



The Huawei SUN2000-600W-P Optimizer allows you to isolate the operation of a solar panel of up to 600w within a line of panels connected to a Huawei inverter of the KTL-L1, KTL-M1 and KTL-M2 series of certain powers. Thanks to this optimizer, the overall performance of a string will not be reduced when the panel that has it connected has partial shading or is arranged with a different orientation from the others. They also offer the possibility of mounting strings with optimizers in all panels (see restrictions).



Why do I need the Huawei Smart PV SUN2000-600W-P Optimizer?

Huawei solar panel optimizers allow us to get the most out of our self-consumption photovoltaic installation while providing flexibility to the installation. The optimizer makes it possible to install solar panels in different positions and inclinations since the different intensity of solar collection or possible shadows will not affect the rest of the installation.

Features of Huawei Smart PV Optimizer SUN2000-600W-P

  • Maximum efficiency of 99.5% and a weighted efficiency of 99%.
  • It allows more panels on the roof as it opens the possibilities of installation in different inclinations and positions.
  • Supports the installation of solar panels in areas that tend to enter the shadows.
  • Easy installation and configuration through APP. <1.5min synchronization with inverter. <5s Automatic module mapping. 
  • Remote monitoring of each of the installed modules.
  • Suitable for panels <600W.
  • Ideal para instalaciones fotovoltaicas residenciales con inversores Huawei FusionHome SUN2000L-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5KTL-L1
  • SUN2000-2-6KTL-L1 Minimum of 4 optimizers per string. Maximum of 25 optimizers per string. For the rest of the Huawei inverter models, consult the technical data sheet. 



Huawei SUN2000-600W-P Optimizer

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