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The  structure  Alu Soil  this  designed  to be able to anchor the  solar panels  to a flat roof. The inclination and orientation can be graduated with a maximum of 30 ° depending on the client's need.   


Quick assembly

Thanks to the supply of all the components of the prefabricated system, as well as the innovative “click” assembly, assembly time is greatly reduced.

Maximum Versatility

The height-adjustable intermediate and end clips, as well as the roof hooks, allow great flexibility in mounting any type of module or roof covering.

Optimal adaptability

Thanks to the use of telescopic pieces, a millimeter dimensioning of the installation can be carried out. The time consuming task of cutting mounting rails is no longer necessary.

Long useful life

All the components of the system are made of high quality aluminum or A2 stainless steel, so that a high resistance to corrosion is guaranteed.

Maximum security

The fixing system is verifiable with the solar dimensioning calculation program according to the static loads of the different roofs and is in accordance with the requirements of DIN 1055.


Installation  Alu Soil structure


The installer of a photovoltaic installation has to ensure before mounting that the roof substructure, as well as the building's statics, will withstand the additional loads that will arise. All photovoltaic installations have to be assembled with the help of the Solar dimensioning calculations and the explanations of the updated instruction manual, and they also have to be verified by a specialist in static calculation.


Buy structure Alu Floor


Buy the Alu Floor structure  is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar, plus the  Alu Soil structure  It has an official guarantee from Wccsolar. 


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Learn how to assemble this structure HERE .

Structure Alu Floor 5 panels

SKU: estsuel5
240,00 €Price
  • The structure is composed of:

    • 4 Crossbar Profiles (4 of 350cm)
    • 4 Triangles
    • 8 Intermediate flanges
    • 4 End flanges
    • 8 25/15 screws with washer nut
    • 2 Linear Connection + 25/15 Screws with nut

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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