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Characteristics of the GEL 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 Battery

The 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 GEL Battery does not require maintenance as it is a sealed monoblock battery so it can be installed indoors with poor ventilation. It is also a battery that, because it is made of ABS, has a high resistance to the most demanding external conditions and is very resistant to the sulfuric acid that it stores inside. The 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 GEL Battery has high quality and durability as well as excellent performance and versatility of use, it is a very competitive battery in the photovoltaic sector and with technical characteristics that are very attractive compared to other recognized batteries Manufacturers

The compact size of the GEL 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 Battery makes it easy to transport and handle . Although it is dumped it will not spill acid, but it is recommended that it is not dumped during transport or during handling, or of course, during operation. To optimize its useful life of the GEL 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 Battery it is also recommended that its discharges do not exceed 30% , so it is a battery that although it does accept punctually deep discharges that are taken as a habit can significantly shorten Its useful life.

The 12V PlusEnergy TPG250 GEL Battery is, with more than 60 kg, a 12V monobloc battery of the VRLA type and deep cycle GEL. To enumerate a series of characteristics we could say the following:

- It can be installed in a place without ventilation or in sensitive environments such as food for hospital equipment and the like.

- Despite its weight, it is easier to transport since the battery does not pour liquid even if it leans or falls.

- It is a battery of GEL technology of type VRLA (Valve Regulated Acid).

- It has a very considerable durability because it is deep cycle, since with discharges below 30% we can exceed 3000 life cycles. On the other hand, if the downloads are around 50%, the life cycles will be over 1200.

- Increased resistance to vibrations, so it works very well as a service battery in caravans, as long as its volume and weight is not a problem.


Solar battery GEL 250Ah / 12v PlusEnergy TPG250

  • + 15 years of life approximately
  • High performance in life and cyclic flotation
  • Low discharge rates
  • Low internal resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
  • Compact design with high energy density
  • ETSI rack integration
  • A unidirectional valve system with flame arrester
  • Efficacy of internal gas recombination 98% - 99%
  • Low installation cost, maintenance free product
  • It is delivered ready for use
  • Shock resistant ABS flame retardant container and lid
  • Sealing for leak-free operation, automatic online test
  • brass M8 female terminals without the need to tighten again
  • Cargo is not dangerous for soil, sea and air transport
  • Fully recyclable product


The GEL 250Ah / 12v PlusEnergy TPG250 solar battery must be charged through a charge controller or charge controller that maintains optimal charge levels, and extends battery life .


Installation Solar battery GEL 250Ah / 12v PlusEnergy TPG250

The installation of this battery model is very simple, however in Wccsolar we recommend that the GEL 250Ah / 12v PlusEnergy TPG250 solar battery be installed by a photovoltaic professional , or the installation instructions are strictly followed to avoid bad connections and breakdowns due to fault of improper installation.



  • Security system
  • UPS backup power supply
  • New energy storage
  • Medical device
  • Electric toy
  • Communication system
  • Computer system
  • Emergency light
  • Solar system
  • Wind power system


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Solar battery GEL 250Ah / 12v PlusEnergy TPG250

SKU: geltpg250
€ 309,00 Regular Price
€ 279,00Sale Price
  • Data sheet

    Voltage: 12V.

    -  Model: TPG12-250

    - Measures: 522*240* h1: 219  h2: 229+-10mm_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d*Width5)

    -Metric screws 8, key nº 13

    - Weight: 62 Kg.

    - Brand: PlusEnergy.

    - Battery type: GEL.

    - Without maintenance.

    - More than 3000 cycles according to IEC 61427.

    - Capacity in C100: 250Ah and in C10: 200Ah.

    - 1 year warranty

    - Battery Use Applications: Telecommunications, repeaters, solar installations, batteries for use in closed places.

  • Gel charge voltage "Deep Cycle"

    Absorption 14.1 - 14.4V
    Float 13.5 - 13.8V
    Storage 13.2 - 13.5V

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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