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The GD100-PV series solar VFD drives are the ones that INVT recently launched especially for solar pumping applications. Based on the original solar pump inverter products, which optimizes usability and performance, and extends the applicable voltage levels and power range of the product. The voltage level can be applied to 220V single / three-phase, 380V three-phase pumps, power range from 0.4 kW to 110 kW.

Full voltage level and power range Supports solar water pump inverter
220V single-phase / three-phase and 380V three-phase, power from 0.4 kW to 110 kW.



● Easy to use
Just connect the photovoltaic panel to the inverter, no need to set any parameters, and the photovoltaic pump can be started automatically after power on

● Multiple protection measures
It has protection functions such as photovoltaic overvoltage protection, photovoltaic polarity reverse connection alarm, overheating automatic temperature reduction, etc., which can effectively prolong the life of the product

● Advanced MPPT algorithm
Ensures that the tracking efficiency of solar energy can reach 99%

● 2.2KW and earlier boost module models can be equipped with a boost module to meet the needs of low voltage operation, which can reduce the solar panel configuration and reduce the user's system cost

● GPRS remote monitoring
Support optional GPRS module, which can realize remote monitoring function of computer web page and mobile APP

● AC / DC switching scheme
All series of products can realize automatic switching of the PV DC input and the AC input of the mains, which can meet 24 hours of careless work

● IP54 solution
Supports IP54 grade cabinet solutions


GD100 three-phase 380V 5.5kw 14A inverter

SKU: vgdt5,5kw14a
  • Technical specifications


    • Size 146x256x167 mm
    • Weight: 4 Kg
    • AC input voltage 380 (-15%) - 440 (+ 10%) (3ph)
    • DC voltage max. (V) 800
    • Starting voltage (v) 300
    • Lowest working voltage (v) 250
    • Recommended DC input voltage range (v) 300-750
    • Recommended MPP Voltage (v) 550
    • MPP voltage Nominal output power (kW) 5.5
    • Rated input current (a) 19.5
    • Nominal output current (a) 14
    • Max. DC input current (A) 23.9
    • SPD: Type 1000V DC
    • Fuse 30A
    • AC Circuit Breaker (A) 25
    • Circuit breaker DC (A) 25A / 1000VDC
    • AC contactor (A) 25
    • IFAV / VRRM Diode 55A / 1600V

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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