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Solar Kit 24V 280W/h 20A Regulator with LCD Display and Solar Cable 


One of oursbasic photovoltaic kitspreferably designed forlighting and small appliances. This is recommended24V solar kit in multiple cases of need for light, for example for use in garages outside the home, garden lighting, shelters and small electrical appliances, etc.


This kit Solar isolated 24v 280w It allows to have electricity where the electricity network does not reach or for any reason we do not want to resort to electricity companies.


Eastsolar power kitfor housing or solar kit installation isolated fromwccsolarincludes solar panels with many years of guarantee. We have isolated solar kits, as well as solar kits of all kinds, among them are thesolar grid connection kitssolar pumping kitssolar pool purification kits.


East24 volt solar kitgives us approximately280w/hourof energy doing a calculationper day in winter about 4 hours gives us 1120W/day and in summer about 7 hours 1960W/day.


Isolated Solar kit installation 24V 280W


 enwccsolarthe installation of this isolated Solar kit 24v 280w se recomienda que be installed by a photovoltaic professional, or the installation instructions are strictly followed to avoid bad connections and breakdowns due to incorrect installation.


This Solar Kit is compatible with the following structures:


  • Perforating Roof StructuresThey are designed to be installed in a horizontal position, with the same slope as the existing roof. Vertical installation is also possible, forming a vertical column. Designed to withstand loads such as snow and wind, made entirely of high quality aluminum, while the screws and accessories are made of stainless steel.


  • Structures Roof Sandwich sheet with special anchors for sheet metal roofs. This structure is made of aluminum and maintains the same slope of the roof or roof where it is installed. It is a universal structure that adapts to any brand of plate. Its installation is simple and does not require technical knowledge.


  • Structures Flat or little inclinationdesigned to be able to anchor the solar panels to the ground, either on a flat roof on top of a building or on the ground, we have several angles of inclination to be able to adapt all the structures to the needs that arise in each case.


Buy the Solar kit isolated 24v 280w it is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar, in addition el Solar kit isolated 24v 280wIt has an official warranty from Wccsolar. 




  • 100% battery (fully charged) = 25.4 V (volts)
  • Battery at 75% = 25V
  • Battery at 50% = 24.4V
  • Battery at 30% = 24V
  • Flat battery = 23.2V



Components description:


  • El panel solar de 280W policristalino 24 voltios de potencia para uso en instalaciones solares a 12 voltios, intalaciones solares a 24 voltios_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_e solar installations at 48 volts. Thanks to 5 buses each cell to produce maximum solar efficiency. It has been manufactured using high performance polycrystalline silicon cells. Dispone de cristal extraresistente, cableado y conectores MC4 para una fácil instalación. It allows electricity to be generated from solar radiation and used for any type of electrical consumption that is needed. They have a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a 25-year performance warranty. It can be used by MPPT regulator autonomous solar installations in homes, country houses, farms, warehouses, etc. They can also be used in solar self-consumption installations. 


  • This Regulador solar PWM cuenta con identificación automática del nivel de voltaje del sistema de baterías e identificación automática de entrada de paneles solar, PWM smart charging mode and charge and discharge protection. Also, the Solar regulator 12V / 24V 20A PWM charges specifically based on the technology of our battery, as well as reverse battery discharge protection. Another of the most attractive features of the Regulator solar 12V / 24V 20A PWM has an LCD display for better charge tracking and surge protection.

Solar Kit 24V 280W/h Regulator 20A with LCD Display

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PriceFrom €179.00

In WccSolar we are Multibrand Distributors of Solar Energy Supplies.


WccSolar is First Distributor of several brands of Solar Inverters, We also have an associated technical service to respond quickly to any problem or incident that could be caused by your Inverter devices.


This technical service will be active both during the warranty period and outside this period. In which this service will be offered to the client so that any problem can be solved. Offering peace of mind to the customer in the purchase of our devices.

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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