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Characteristics of the SAJ R5 Series 3-8kW Inverter
The SAJ R5 Series inverter with output power 3-8kW is a small grid connection inverter, single-phase and without transformer, which is responsible for synchronizing with the electricity grid of the electricity company to contribute to the consumption that we have energy produced in real time by solar panels.


SAJ's R5 Series range offers a very interesting access range to have a small self-consumption installation at a private and residential level. To its extremely attractive quality-price ratio, we add perfect performance and production characteristics for small powers, with characteristics far superior to the use of micro-inverters. This is the highest horsepower model available. Below there are more options with single-phase powers from up to 3000W with two MPPTs. There is a very staggered range with multiple options in which we will surely find a model that meets our energy requirements.


The SAJ R5 Series grid connection inverters make up a wide range. The model that concerns us more specifically, corresponds to the 3-8kW. Below are the 7000, 6000, 5000, 4000, 3680 and 3000W options that can offer less production if we connect fewer panels for our direct solar self-consumption installation. Among the most notable features of this model we could list the following:


- It has 2 internal MPPT regulators that, given the power of the inverter, are suitable for connecting the panels in two series.

- A wide range of operating voltage that will allow us to make series with greater comfort and flexibility. The MPPTs work between 90 and 550VDC. Thanks to this, the inverter can be started with only 3 panels of 72 cells.

- IP65 protection level that will allow us to place the inverter outdoors without any problem.

- A compact size (429x418x177 mm) and a very light weight of only 18 kg so that a single person can install the inverter on any surface.

- Power reduction control to avoid the discharge of excess production to the electrical network by means of a compatible wattmeter (sold separately).

- Integrated Wifi and RS232 communication, with App for IOS and Android to be monitored at all times

- Simple and visual interface to control its operation or any type of error.


Applications and benefits of the SAJ R5 Series 3000W-8000W Inverter:
The SAJ R5 Series 3000W-8000W Inverter is a single-phase grid-tie inverter. For this reason, the SAJ R5 Series 3000W-8000W Inverter must necessarily work with solar panels and the electricity grid. All R5 Series models incorporate two MPPT regulators with an efficiency greater than 99.9%. It also incorporates IP65 protection and various communication protocols, both to monitor its operation and to communicate with the power measurement wattmeter.


The bottom connections of the SAJ R5 Series inverters are as follows:

R5 Series Inverter Connections

A - Panel disconnector.

B - MC4 panel connectors.

C - Connection for RS485.

D - Connection for RS232 (GPRS / WiFi / 4G).

E - Terminal grounded.

F - AC output

G - Decomposition valves


The SAJ R5 Series 3000W-8000W Inverter is an inverter that allows us to interconnect with the electricity grid without the need for batteries, which is why this type of installation is economical and very profitable in the long term, given its low acquisition cost, zero maintenance and easy start-up.

For this system with the SAJ R5 Series 3000W-8000W Inverter to work properly, we will need a group of solar panels, grouped into one or two series that meet the voltage requirements of these inverter models. We must ensure that the connected panels deliver a voltage that is within the operating range of the inverter. These models in particular, their MPPT operate between 90 and 550VDC and to start it needs a minimum of 100VDC. This is achieved with only 3 panels of 60 or 72 cells placed in series.


Installation Inverter SAJ R5 Series 3-8kW

  The installation of this model of Inverter SAJ R5 Series 3-8kW Injection to zero discharge network  it is  simple, however in Wccsolar you  we recommend that  be installed  by a photovoltaic professional , or the installation instructions are strictly followed to avoid bad connections and breakdowns due to improper installation.


Buy Inverter SAJ R5 Series 3-8kW 


Buy the SAJ R5 Series 3-8kW Inverter  is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar, plus the  Inverter SAJ R5 Series 3-8kW  It has an official guarantee from Wccsolar. 


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Inverter Saj Red R5 5000W S2 Single-phase Self-consumption

SKU: sajredr53000w
PriceFrom €759.00
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  • Data sheet

    Technical Data Input (DC) 5K S2

    Maximum DC Power [Wp] @STC 7500

    Maximum DC input voltage [V] 600

    DC voltage MPPT range [V] 90-550

    Nominal voltage DC [V] 360

    Activation voltage [V] 100

    Minimum DC voltage [V] 80

    Maximum DC input current [A] 12.5 / 12.5

    Number of DC connectors per MPPT  1/1

    MPPT No.  2

    Integrated DC switch

    Technical Data Output (CA)

    Nominal AC power [W]  5000

    Maximum AC power * 2 [VA]  5500

    Nominal AC current [A] @ 230Vac 21.8 

    Max. AC current [A] 24.0

    AC rated voltage / range [V]  220, 230 240 / 180-280

    Network frequency / range [Hz] 50, 60 / 45-55, 55-65

    Power factor cos [φ] 0.8 forward ~ 0.8 retr.

    Total harmonic distortion [THDi] <2% (at rated power)

    L + N + PE supply


    Maximum efficiency 98.1%

    Efficiency (Euro) 97.6%

    MPPT efficiency> 99.9%


    Internal overvoltage protection Integrated

    Integrated DC insulation monitoring

    Integrated DC Surge Protection

    Integrated network monitoring

    Integrated AC short circuit protection

    Integrated AC Ground Detection

    Integrated GFCI Monitoring

    Integrated DCI Monitoring

    Integrated AC Surge Protection

    Integrated thermal protection

    AFD anti-island protection monitoring


    DC MC4 connection

    AC connection Plug-in connector Terminal block

    LED + human-machine interface (bluetooth / Wi-Fi + APP)

    Communication port RS232 (USB input) + RS485 (RJ45 glass joints)

    Wi-Fi / GPRS / 4G communication mode (optional)

    General data

    Transformerless Topology

    Night consumption [W] <0.2

    Standby Consumption [W] 6

    -40 ° C to + 60 ° C operating temperature range (45 ° C to 60 ° C with derating)

    Cooling method Natural convection

    Ambient humidity 0-100% non-condensing

    Altitude 4000m (> 3000m derating)

    Noise levels [dBA] <25

    Ingress Protection IP65

    Rear Panel Mounting

    Dimensions [W * H * D] [mm] 389 * 367 * 143

    Weight [kg] 12.2

    Standard warranty [Years] 10 (standard) 15/20/25 (optional)

    Applicable standard IEC62109-1 / 2, IEC61000-6-1 / 2/3/4, EN50438, C10 / C11, IEC62116, IEC61727, RD1699, UNE 206006, UNE 206007, CEI 0-21, AS4777.2, NBR 16149, NBR 16150, VDE-AR-N 4105

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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