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The Aspire 2.2kW 400V Solar Pumping Controller is a device that will allow you to use your water pump, either three-phase 400V up to 3CV, feeding it directly from solar panels. This system quickly pays for itself as you no longer need a fuel-burning generator or power grid to power the water pump. In sunny hours, the panels will supply power to the controller and it will take care of moving the water pump directly without the need for batteries, inverters or any additional device. Depending on the power of the pump, it will be necessary to install a greater or lesser number of solar panels so that their power is sufficient to power the system properly. This model can be complemented since it includes an alternating current input to power the pump with a generator or electrical network when there is not enough sun.


2.2kW 450V Aspire Solar Pumping Controller

Technical description of the Aspire 2.2kW 450V Solar Pumping Controller

This Aspire brand solar pump controller can be used for three-phase pumps up to 2.2kW or what is the same, 3CV of power. It is perfect to operate any type of water pump, whether swimming pool, submersible or surface, and incorporates an LCD display to view and configure all the parameters of the water pump. For correct operation, the manual must be reviewed for its start-up since the particularities of each pump have to be entered in the initial configuration of the pump controller.

Aspire 2.2kW 450V Solar Pump Controller Highlights

Among the greatest advantages of the Aspire 2,2kW 450V Solar Pumping Controller we can find:

- Economy and reliability of operation. Forget about expensive maintenance on generators and expensive DC pumps or with integrated drives. Use a conventional three phase pump and this pump controller with the solar panels will do the job.

- Integrated Solar Maximizer (MPPT). This guarantees efficient and optimal energy production, with a performance of over 97%.

- Wide range of input voltage for the series of panels, which will allow us a simple start-up and reducing the wiring and connections to the maximum. We always recommend multiplying the power of the pump by 1.5 to know the amount of solar power that is recommended to be installed.

- Compatibility with pumps of between 0.75 and 3CV of three-phase power. You simply have to configure it by detailing the characteristics of the pump manufacturer.

- Integrated protections that cover all possible aspects: phase loss, dry pumping, motor blocking, low solar radiation, voltage out of range, excess current or temperature and short circuit.

- Compatibility with 3 level switches to detect appropriate water level in the well in addition to the minimum and maximum in the destination tank. In this way the pumping operation can be fully automatic.

Typical applications of use of the Aspire 2.2kW 450V Solar Pumping Controller

The 2.2kW 450V Aspire Solar Pumping Controller has an excellent market in agriculture, being able to supply water to crops by means of irrigation or extraction pumps, very useful when the field has various heights and we can do without generators or electrical network.

In mining, in order to provide a water supply without the need for generators, the rapid payback of the solar pumping system is assured. In addition, it is not necessary to replace the pump, we only power it with the solar panels.

On farms and livestock, reducing operating costs thanks to an infinite and green energy source.


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Solar Pumping Inverter 2200w 400V (3cv) Aspire

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