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Huawei FusionSolar AP07N-EU AC 7KW Single phase 1Pgoes one step further and enters the field of electric mobility and, more specifically, intelligent vehicle charging. In this area, special focus is being placed on the development of DC fast charging modules for infrastructures for electric cars that are at the top of efficiency and innovation within their category. The Asian manufacturer presents a new electric car charger, as well as a battery

Huawei EV Charger Sheet 7.4KW AND 22KW


Description of the FusionCharge 7.4kW Huawei Single-Phase 220v Car Charger

The Huawei FusionCharge 7.4kW Car Charger is a smart device that supplies energy and uses the latest technology  to power electric vehicles. Huawei thus launches itself into the electric mobility sector. Within the range of Huawei electric chargers we can find the single-phase model and the three-phase model, in this case we will focus on the 7.4kW single-phase model. Some of the most notable features of this charger are:

  • Charging through photovoltaics. Powering the car through solar energy, thus making the car even more ecological. 
  • Automatic phase change. It can be exchanged between 1 phase and 3 phases very easily.
  • Management through the APP. All control of the car charger through the mobile application. Elock anti-theft cable.
  • Dynamic load power. Automatic detection and adjustment. No overload occurs.
  • Installation in 3 easy steps. Quick installation in 16 minutes, cable-free maintenance.
  • Automatic authentication Bluetooth before charging.


Huawei FusionSolar EV Charger Single Phase 7KW

  • Technical specifications

    Huawei Fusion Charge AC AP07/22N-EU, this charger is found in both its single-phase model that allows 7kW/32A and its three-phase model of 22kW/32A. And among its main features stands out:

    – Charge up to 7kW/32A single-phase or 22kW/32A three-phase
    – Supported communication mode: WiFi, Ethernet, RFID, RS485
    – Preferential charging of green energy to optimize the cost of electricity
    – Fast charging for urgent trips
    – IP 54 for indoor or outdoor installation
    – Flexible scenario application with photovoltaic or independent system
    – Easy-to-use APP with full charging control, including remote activation, scheduled charging and charging current adjustment
    – Adaptive green power charging from 3 phase to 1 phase
    – Load balancing prevents disconnections

  • Huawei Solar FusionSolar APP

    We inform you that the Huawei Solar's FusionSolar APP is not available on Google Play (Android). 

    From now on, to be able to monitor and configure Huawei settings through the FusionSolar APP you must download the application from Huawei's AppGallery

    AppGallery (Android) it is the platform to acquire Huawei mobile applications. Through the link you have todownload the APK file of the application for installation.  

    We leave you download option:

    Link:             Click here to download

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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