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The Stabilizer or Regulator of alternating current AVS-8000VA (6400W), for generator or unstable street current from 160-260v.


they protect electrical equipment by controlling the mains voltage and stabilizing any rise or fall, so as to guarantee a constant voltage and suppression of any transient or peak. The SVS series accommodates voltage fluctuations over a wide range and maintains accurate output voltage within tight tolerances. The Voltright voltage stabilizer has a microprocessor controlled operation that causes extremely fast reaction times.


Single-phase voltage stabilizer 3KVA output at 230Vac, electromechanical stabilizer driven by servomotor. Stabilization is achieved by continuously comparing the input voltage with the nominal output voltage, and adjusting the working point of the variable transformer by means of a servo motor to achieve the nominal output voltage. It has digital indicators of input and output voltage, as well as equipment status indicators. Very suitable for all types of use, including electrical machinery with motors.

Reference: AVS8000VA.


Voltage stabilizers are widely used to power equipment sensitive to voltage variations or to solve problems in installations with large voltage variations due to problems in the supply line.


The advantage of this type of electromechanical stabilizers is that it tolerates moderate punctual overloads without damaging the equipment, even so, it is necessary to install a circuit breaker at the output for protection against long-term overloads. It should also be noted that this type of stabilizer does not distort the output sine wave.


The input voltage range is from 160 to 250Vac, providing a constant output voltage of 250Vac ±5%.


The control panel of the voltage stabilizer has a power switch, digital input and output voltage meters, and status indication LEDs.


The indications of the status indication leds are:

normal operation: green
Fault/equipment overloaded: Red


The main applications of this equipment are:

  • Sensitive IT equipment
  • telecommunication systems
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Electronic equipment in general

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AC Voltage Stabilizer 8000VA

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  • Main features:

    Main features:

    • Reference: AVS-8000VA
    • Power: 8KVA (6400W)
    • Input stabilization voltage range: 160~250VAC.
    • Frequency: 50/60Hz.
    • Stabilized output voltage: Single-phase 220Vac.
    • Output frequency: equal to that of the input voltage.
    • Regulation percentage: ±5% (as long as the voltage is within the regulation range).
    • Regulation type: Servo motor.
    • Transformer type: High efficiency toroidal autotransformer.
    • Measuring instruments: Digital input and output voltmeter.
    • Status indication LED.
  • Protections:

    Maximum working temperature: Automatic shutdown 100ºC
    Short circuit: automatic power off
    Overload: Auto power off
    Exceeding the max and min voltage limits: Automatic shutdown
    Dimensions (width/depth/height): 270*550*200 mm
    Weight: 31 kg.

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