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Does a solar panel generate the same energy in summer and winter?

Photovoltaic cells generate energy for a greater number of hours in the months when there is more light.

Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into energy, and are often used to generate electricity. They are made up of photovoltaic cells, which are responsible for creating it thanks to sunlight. While solar culture is not very widespread in Spain, the California government has made it mandatory to install it in all new houses from 2020.

Being a transformation of sunlight, the operation is not the same in all months of the year. Photovoltaic cells generate energy for a greater number of hours in the months when there is more light. Rafael Barrera, director of the National Association of Photovoltaic Energy Producers, has stressed that "the important thing is not the temperature, but the light". What's more, "extreme heat can have a negative influence," he stressed. However, according to the same source, "it is clear that in the month of June there will be more hours of sunshine, so it will have more hours of energy", but at the same time, in the autumn, "they will work well because the panels will work with a suitable temperature". Of course, it will do less hours because there will be less light time.

The difference in energy obtained cannot be measured directly because other factors come into play, such as the number of panels. Also, since the disparity comes down to the amount of time with power, it varies within the same season of the year. The price of an installation of photovoltaic solar panels will depend on each house. First you have to see its orientation or the number of hours of light it can receive to know the number of plates that are needed, and also, you will have to see how much energy is needed.

In Spain it is not considered commonplace, where subsidies are different depending on the autonomous community but there is no widespread culture of solar energy. Yes, it has spread in European countries such as Germany, which installed twelve times more solar energy than Spain. Contact us to receive information to acquire your perfect kit.


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