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Regulator MPPT

The MPPT solar regulators or MPPT solar controllers, allow to obtain the maximum power of the solar panels making them always work at the point of maximum power offering an economic saving thanks to its MPPT system (Maximum Power Point Tracking). Available MPPT solar regulators, MPPT solar charge controller, MPPT solar controller or MPPT solar charge controller for solar panels in isolated solar installations and in grid connection installations.

Information about MPPT solar charge regulators
An MPPT solar charge controller or MPPT solar regulators is an electrical adapter that works as a rule in the part of its curve where the load is optimized, regardless of the load connected to the generator. The MPPT solar controller within the range of solar charge regulators is the one that provides the greatest value to the solar installation, since the MPPT solar charge controller is able to measure the temperature, irradiance and electrical resistance of the circuit with the aim of Find the optimal loading point.


The MPPT solar charge controller analyzes the maximum power point to record the maximum power based on the detection of increases and decreases in the voltage of the photovoltaic generator.


The MPPT solar controller is included as an integral part of the inverters for photovoltaic kits connected to the grid; While when it comes to an isolated solar kit or an isolated photovoltaic system it is not so common to incorporate an MPPT solar charge controller, the reason why an MPPT solar charge controller is not usually included in an isolated kit is because it makes the solar regulator and if the solar installation or kit works well without the MPPT solar charge controller it is because the charges are adapted to each other, so it does not bring any benefit to the incorporation of an MPPT solar controller.


In short, an MPPT 30a solar regulator, or any other amperage will be necessary when not working with photovoltaic modules and unadjusted voltages.


The MPPT solar charge controller is located between the output of the photovoltaic generator and the rest of the system that acts as a load.

The variety of MPPT charge controller or cheap MPPT regulator is wide and it is essential to know the needs of the electrical installation and technical characteristics to choose the MPPT solar regulators according to your needs. Among the most common MPPT solar regulators are: MPPT 30A solar regulator (30 solar regulator) or MPPT 30a regulator, charge regulator.


What characteristics do our MPPT have?

- Very fast monitoring of the maximum power point (MPPT), especially with cloudy climates and when the intensity of light changes continuously. Our MPPT controllers or MPPT solar controllers improve energy collection by up to 30%, compared to PWM charge controllers, and up to 10% compared to other slower MPPTs.

From this moment, when it comes to the terms MPPT solar controller, MPPT controller, MPPT charge controller, MPPT charge controller, MPPT controller, MPPT solar charge controller, MPPT charge controller and MPPT solar regulators refer to the same terms.

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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