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Solar Self-Consumption Kits at the Best Prices

Enjoy your Cheapest Solar Kit to Save at Home

WccSolar has different types of solar kits with panels for photovoltaic installation, these solar energy kits have solar panels and all the necessary photovoltaic components for a good solar installation . There are different classes in the sector:


  • Solar kit for isolated housing

  • Solar grid injection kit

  • Solar well pumping kit

  • Solar pool pumping kit


We have the best prices in the renewable energy sector , since we are the No. 1 in solar energy products. Thus, the cost of electric energy is amortized much more with the solar kit that suits your needs, and you can continue to enjoy the electricity of your solar system for FREE for many years.


If you can't find the right photovoltaic kit, don't hesitate to call 854 556 349 toll free. We provide you with the best personalized solar energy equipment at the cheapest prices.

Typology of Solar Kits:

  1. Solar Kit for Isolated Housing.
  2. Solar Kit Connection to Grid.
  3. Solar Pumping Kit for Well.
  4. Solar Pumping Kit for Pool.​
Quick amortization of your photovoltaic kit for your home

​We have the best prices in the renewable energy sector, since we are the No. 1 in solar energy products. In this way, the cost of electrical energy is amortized much more with the solar kit that suits your needs, and you can continue enjoying the electricity from your solar installation for FREE for many years.

​In case you cannot find the right photovoltaic kit, do not hesitate to call +34 854 556 349 free of charge. We provide you with the best customized solar energy equipment at the most economical prices

Photovoltaic Solar Kits


The solar kits or photovoltaic kits that are most in demand are the isolated solar kits or solar kits with battery, for systems that do not have a power grid. Also, we have direct self-consumption kits or also called network injection kits, without batteries, for those systems that need to be connected to the electricity grid and make a direct self-consumption from solar panels or solar panels to consumers who are connected in real time; These solar kits come with a system and grid injection which allows you not to pour energy on the contracted company. Solar water pumping kits are kits that are designed so that we can operate single-phase or three-phase water pump directly, thus being able to operate a water pump using solar panels without using batteries a direct connection; and as a somewhat more specific modality, we have solar kits for pool purification, in which a pool purification pump is operated directly in the same way with solar panels.

Photovoltaic Solar Kits

What is a solar kit?

When we talk about a solar kit, photovoltaic self-consumption kit, network injection self-consumption kit, isolated solar kits for permanent housing or isolated solar kits for weekend we refer to the set of components that form a photovoltaic system that make it possible to install solar panels in a house, a ship or a caravan so that it obtains photovoltaic energy and converts it into electricity capable of being consumed and self-managed by the client that requires it. That is, the possibility of producing their own energy for their own consumption.

Information of Solar Kits or Photovoltaic Kits at PlusEnergy

Solar kits, solar panels kit or photovoltaic kits PlusEnergy through photovoltaics allow self-production and energy consumption quickly and easily. You can find the widest variety of solar kits or photovoltaic kits with solar panels for homes, solar kits for ships or solar kits for motorhomes, incorporated in the solar connection kits isolated and in the network connection kits in relation to your need.

For more information on installing solar panels Contact PlusEnergy professionals we will be happy to explain how to optimize solar energy to meet all your needs

In PlusEnergy we offer the individual housing solar kit with the best components with both our brand equipment and equipment from large manufacturers. Each of the devices or parts of the solar kit enjoys a warranty period provided that it is used correctly and the recommendations we always provide to our customers are followed.

Consult our varied offer in the solar kit section and ask our professional solar energy specialists for our solar panels, batteries, charge regulators, inverters and more will advise you for free without any commitment so that you can find the best option in solar kit for housing. Cheap photovoltaic solar kit from the best manufacturers and international brands, in PlusEnergy we have offer solar kit for housing, offer solar kit for van, offer solar kit for motorhome and caravan.

Features of Photovoltaic Solar Kits, home solar kit or photovoltaic solar panels kit at PlusEnergy

Harnessing solar energy for the home or solar energy for housing is possible thanks to the installation of solar panels at home. The solar energy of cheap solar panels for a house through solar kits or photovoltaic solar panels kit allows to save costs and obtain free energy from the sun thus respecting the environmental environment.

Our solar kits, home solar kit or photovoltaic solar panels kit are formed by solar panels or solar panels, and according to the type of solar kit either solar home kit, solar van kit, motorhome solar kit, solar boat kit, etc. . It can contain: structure of solar panels, batteries, inverter, charge regulator, solar accessories such as cables and in some occasions it can also include: generators, lighting and solar connectors.

Problems or doubts in the installation of the photovoltaic solar kit? Would any of our solar kits or photovoltaic solar panels kit like to include a component? The professional team of PlusEnergy is at your disposal to clarify you by clearing doubts about it and custom designing any of our solar kits or photovoltaic kits.

Functionality of the PlusEnergy Solar Kits

The solar kits or photovoltaic solar panels kit are prepared to facilitate the complementation of the products that in the future require for a solar installation or a new Solar kit. As each home, van, installation and every need is different, we put at your disposal specific products for the most varied needs, such as: solar panels for homes, solar panels for houses, solar panels for boats, solar panels for water pumping, as well as the most varied solar kits according to the most common needs, such as: three-phase network connection solar kits, single-phase network connection solar kits, lithium battery solar kits, stationary battery solar kits, weekend solar kits, solar kits daily use, purified solar pool kit or direct solar water pumping kit.


There are many ways to configure a photovoltaic solar kit home solar kit or photovoltaic solar panels kit, that is why, in this section we divide by types of solar kit and in turn, we offer different alternatives depending on the most common needs that are required in each solar installation and in obtaining a solar kit for energy or solar kit for light.


Given the experience of PlusEnergy in the sale of solar kits, in this section we create the sets of materials that are most in demand and use in our clientele, in order to facilitate the global vision of the client about the elements for the solar kit, kits self-consumption or solar kit with batteries that must be installed in the home or place that requires a photovoltaic installation.

In PlusEnergy we offer the best joint photovoltaic solutions through our solar kits or photovoltaic solar kit, even with the option of installing the material itself by qualified professional qualified personnel.

Installation of solar kit or solar kits of solar panels

The professionals in solar installation move to any point to offer a complete customer service, without having to worry about having to make connections without knowledge of electricity, and without knowledge of the material that is going to be installed in a solar kit to housing, solar kit for motorhome or solar kit for boat. In addition, you do not have to worry about any danger since the professionalism of the installers at PlusEnergy is always assured.

Solar kits for home or solar kit for housing are often easy to install those with basic installation knowledge, but there are two options anyway.


One of the options is to consult our YouTube channel WccSolar where you can load a lot of videos of the installation of some of our solar panels, solar submersible water pump, solar pool treatment pump and self-consumption kits among others.

And the other option is that a professional installer moves to your home to perform the commissioning with guarantee of operation of the photovoltaic solar kit or solar panel solar kit. With this you have the guarantee of a correct operation and maximum comfort to buy cheap solar kit and that best suits your need.


Each daily use housing photovoltaic kit has specific specifications, recommendations and requirements that professionals are prepared to install any of our products.


If you are thinking about professional solar panel installers moving to install any of our photovoltaic solar kits, contact us. You can check the work they have done in Spain and Europe to convince themselves that it is in the hands of professionals.

You can check some of our installations made with our variety of products here

Types of Solar Kits

There are several types of solar kits for daily use or self-consumption kits well differentiated depending on the type of need you want to meet, among the list of these solar kits, we find solar home kits or photovoltaic solar panels kit to power electricity to places where the power grid is not able to arrive or is not available, solar kits to save on the electricity bill or solar kit to save on light in places where the electricity network arrives and are mainly to reduce daytime consumption, that is, for the supply of domestic solar energy through solar kits, as well as solar kits to supply water through a water pump or solar kits to operate a pool purification pump. Next, we explain the different types of solar kits solar kit home solar kit Caravan boat solar kit or photovoltaic solar panels kit separately

-Isolated Solar Connection Kits for locations outside the grid consist of solar panels, charge regulator, batteries and inverter with battery charger or without battery charger, which are the necessary equipment to be able to generate electricity autonomously and independently of the electrical network, or what is the same, for domestic solar energy or solar energy for residence. This type of solar kits are those that are used to supply electricity to homes in which there is no conventional electricity grid or for any reason you do not want to resort to or hire it. Within the isolated solar installations there is a wide variety of installation types, being able to make single-phase network solar connection kits, three-phase network solar connection kits and zero-discharge network solar connection kits or even several units of these plate kits photovoltaic for greater power, (normally three-phase inverters are used in large installations).


- solar network connection kits: they are those that are able to live with the power grid. The particularity of this type of solar kits or photovoltaic energy kits is that they do not need the use of batteries work free of these. On the other hand, this type of solar kits are able to greatly reduce the cost of electricity that we pay to the contracted electricity company thus promoting the own obtaining of electric solar energy for houses, taking into account that this type of solar kits with system Solar panels for homes or solar energy equipment produce energy during the day. The energy produced is injected into the electrical grid of the house to be able to be consumed at that moment, so this type of solar kits are interesting in industrial buildings or in businesses, since the hours of more consumption coincides with the hours of Higher production of this type of solar kit is a very good alternative that is 100% legal.


- Direct pump solar kits: they are very useful since they operate a water pump in direct current with a voltage range that the solar pump kit requires. Through this type of solar kits or solar panels kit, we can operate a water pump directly through the energy produced by solar panels in real time, thus avoiding using batteries, generators or Same power grid. During sunny hours, solar kits solar panels kit or direct solar water pumping kit will be able to run water pump without any problem as if it were a conventional pump, while, during the night hours, it They will keep at rest and inactive. The solar pumping kit for wells are very profitable, since in the case that the water pump works with a gasoline generator it will make irrigation very expensive. In addition, the solar installation of submersible well pump is very simple and does not require maintenance of any kind, reducing the repayment period of the same.


- Solar pool treatment kits: Basically, this type of solar kit kit solar panels or solar panels for swimming pools work in the same way as solar kits or solar water pump kit, since the pool treatment pumps work directly with solar panels therefore work with a direct current range. The pool purifier that works through a solar pool purifier kit, will work only in the sunny hours, being very economical if we compare it with the cost of the electricity grid or the cost of gasoline generators which is a constant expense . Another of the main advantages of the photovoltaic kit or refined kit of solar pool is that if the house in which the pool is already fed with solar energy, we should not oversize it to run the pool pump, since it will work directly with its own panels, extending the life of all the components of the installation of the isolated connection solar kits, therefore a magnificent option within the solar kits.


Whatever your needs, the photovoltaic solar panels housing or solar kit for housing is an investment with a high rate of return and with many uses that allow you to bet on a more sustainable future, save on the electricity bill and self-consume with your Production large amount of electric power.

Spanish regulations in solar kit or solar panel kit

Currently the current Spanish legislation presents some doubts regarding solar energy for a house or solar energy for housing.

Customization of the solar kit kit solar panels or photovoltaic kit

In Plusenergy we offer a wide variety of solar housing kits for daily use, permanent use solar kit that meet the most varied needs, from isolated connection solar kits for isolated homes without the possibility of being connected to the power grid, such as solar connection kits to network for homes that although they already have an electrical installation want to reduce the electricity bill and self-produce solar energy during the many hours of sunshine for their homes thanks to solar panels for homes. Although the different solar kits or solar panels kit meet in most cases the needs and characteristics of homes, there is the possibility of buying custom solar kit, that is, taking as reference the solar panel kit that is most appropriate to their needs and vary in the solar panel kit compounds according to the requirements or characteristics of the home, ship, van, motorhome or customer's particular tastes.

The highest percentage of PlusEnergy customers have found the solar kit or photovoltaic kit that adapts to their needs among the solar kit offer on our website, since the wide variety of home solar kit or motorhome solar kit adapts to the needs more varied.


If, however, you consider that our solar kit offer is not what you need, do not hesitate to contact the professionals of PlusEnergy, and we will make a solar kit or a photovoltaic kit according to your characteristics or needs.


In addition, the solar panels of solar panels or photovoltaic kits from PlusEnergy can also be expanded, that is, if at first you want to buy a photovoltaic kit or small solar kit but later you want to expand it or enlarge solar kit because your needs vary or features, you can contact our professionals and expand the previous installation to make it more powerful and durable.


All your energy and electrical needs will be covered with the customizable solar home kits, as our professionals will design the solar kit that best suits your needs and estimated consumption. Buy the usual home solar kit that best suits your needs, whether it is a photovoltaic solar kit for the house of the most varied characteristics or a direct solar water pumping kit, at PlusEnergy we work to offer you what you needs to.

Profitability of solar kits

Buy cheap and quality solar kit to supply solar energy for housing can imply an immediate cost but its amortization is fast, although it depends on the use that is going to be made to the solar kit or solar panel kit, it can be more or less immediate, being able to amortize its cost between 2 and 8 years.


This early amortization, together with the energy awareness involved, makes the solar home kit or van solar kit an excellent option that is economical and has a guarantee that only PlusEnergy can provide.

There are specific cases in which the solar kit depreciation for home is more immediate, therefore, there is solar kit for housing that for its simplicity is amortized in a shorter period of time, while some single-family housing solar kit implies a greater investment, but in the medium term its profitability is very attractive.


In many cases, a more than attractive option is the installation of a medium-sized solar panel kit, and then the installation of a solar kit for expansion, which includes elements necessary to meet more needs and higher consumption. This option does not imply a strong initial photovoltaic investment and is practical and satisfactory.


If you want more information about what type of solar kit for single-family housing or solar kit for housing of meters is recommended based on your needs contact us, our professionals will advise you without obligation for free.

Special features of the different photovoltaic kits and solar kits

The needs and particularities of each photovoltaic kit depend on the expected and needed photovoltaic production, expected consumption and hours of consumption, among others. Below are the most common solar kits on the market and their peculiarities:

Special features of a photovoltaic kit or solar kit for housing

The correct design and dimensioning of a solar kit for housing depends on the type of installation that is desired, the consumptions that are expected to be covered and the necessary investment in the batteries if required.


Another of the factors that influence the type of solar kit for housing that will be recommended is the use of the house, that is, for those weekend homes or country houses it will be necessary to size the installation in a way that guarantees the supply during Short periods of time and in a timely manner. While in the case of an installation for permanent housing with daily use, periodic consumption should be taken into account and how this can affect the batteries, as well as the number of solar panels for homes needed to maintain the expected consumption.

Special features of a photovoltaic kit or solar kit for industrial buildings

The correct design and sizing of a solar kit for an industrial building depends on the size of the ship, the expected consumption and the dependence on the power grid. One of the characteristics that usually occur in solar kits for industrial buildings, is that their usual energy consumption is during daytime hours (except ships whose work schedules are continuous or night), for these cases it is profitable to invest in an installation of network connection kit because this type of solar kit will significantly reduce the energy bill although it will continue to depend on the electricity grid so that on rainy days or with clouds the work of the company is not interrupted but it will pay much less as indicated in the topic of invoices.


For those more demanding installations you can opt for solar kit installations with lithium batteries that guarantee greater autonomy. Although they are a variety of solar kits that require a greater initial investment, there are cases in which this type of solar kit for industrial buildings can be profitable.

Special features of a photovoltaic kit or caravan solar kit

The photovoltaic kits or solar kits for caravans and motorhomes have sealed monoblock batteries prepared for caravans prepared to work in environments with poor ventilation and for this feature generally do not require maintenance, in addition, the solar panels that include this type of solar kits are dimensioned in such a way that they allow the autonomy of the consumptions that occur in the caravan or motorhome. In this type of photovoltaic solar kits it is advisable to know the space available in the caravan for the batteries and find an appropriate location always respecting the recommendations of our professionals, as well as the space available for the solar panels on the top of the caravan or motorhome , since the measures of both elements in some cases vary.

Special features of a solar pump kit or solar pump kit

Solar water pumping where a solar pump is used on many occasions depends on photovoltaic systems or solar pumping kits that allow feeding these energy consumptions, allowing the arrival of energy to the pumping systems that many times the connection is complicated to the electricity grid or generate a high consumption of contracted energy. The direct solar water pumping kit and solar pumping with solar pump are some of them. There is also the possibility of acquiring a solar pump without an included pump that allows the pumping to be adapted to a photovoltaic system. This can be done thanks to the implementation of a pumping inverter or pumping inverter.

In any case, solar kits or solar pumping kits are customizable by our professionals, contact us without obligation for more information.

Warranty of the components of the solar kits or the solar kit

All Plusenergy products are guaranteed as long as the use of the product has been the correct one following the manufacturer's recommendations and the recommendations we provide to all customers. This also applies to photovoltaic kits or solar kits, as each of the components of the different types of photovoltaic energy kits enjoys the legal guarantee stipulated by law, except in those cases in which the manufacturer offers a higher warranty.


At this point it should be noted that the solar panel kit batteries can always be connected in parallel or in series with a battery equalizer, because without this, in addition to shortening the life of the batteries it can damage the rest of the elements of the solar kit photovoltaic In other words, PlusEnergy will not be responsible for those self-consumption kits or solar energy equipment whose batteries have been connected without the protections of the case and without their respective battery equalizer.


PlusEnergy reserves the right to perform the appropriate tests to estimate the cause of the malfunction of the solar kit or photovoltaic panel kit, batteries or any of the elements of the solar kit. Consult the data sheet in each case to perform maintenance and learn about the limitations of the different components of the solar kit you want, or contact our professionals without obligation.

The most common mistakes in the composition of a solar kit

Some of the recommendations that customers have heard most about the composition of photovoltaic solar kits, or solar panel kit are related to the autonomy of batteries, the amount of panels and poorly sized systems to offer competitive prices. It is also common to find companies that give recommendations for consumptions that are impossible to supply with the amount of solar panels that the solar self-consumption system includes, just for making a sale. The result of a bad design and sizing of a solar kit or a kit with solar panels are systems that show short-term operational problems and low production that barely covers the expected needs.


Entering the subject, as a general rule in a photovoltaic solar kit, 4 essential components are distinguished: solar panels, batteries, power inverter and charge controller.

These 4 components of the photovoltaic kit must follow a related and optimal balance. In general, they are responsible for the following:

- Solar panels or solar panels are responsible in the solar kit or photovoltaic kit to receive and provide energy.

- The charge regulator being both PWM charge regulator or MPPT charge regulator is responsible for managing an optimal battery charge from the energy obtained from solar panels.

- The batteries are responsible for storing the energy of the photovoltaic solar kit.

- The inverter is responsible for extracting the energy from the batteries to be able to use it when needed in a format that is usable to consume it (230V), therefore, within the solar kit it transforms the continuous energy into alternating.

What are the errors in the composition of the most common photovoltaic solar kit to which non-honest companies resort with the sole objective of selling solar kits with false and bad results?

Regarding the solar panels of the solar kit:

- Solar panels inside a solar kit must be kept clean to optimize their operation. It can be cleaned with soap and water periodically.

- The partial or total shadows on the solar panels within a photovoltaic solar kit are inadmissible because or significantly reduce the performance of the solar panel, hence the orientation, inclination and location are so important for the proper functioning and use in total radiation solar. There are companies that do not take these factors into account and offer generic recommendations on the inclination and angle of the solar panel, regardless of its location, height, environment, installation needs and peak sun hours in summer and winter.

In PlusEnergy the calculations are taken in the winter hours (so the calculations are always down) and in each case the peak hours that are taken as a reference are specified. In addition, the technical team personalizes the budget and recommends the inclination and location of the solar panel to achieve the best results.

Regarding the solar kit regulators:

- It is essential to correctly choose the type of regulator depending on the solar panel to which it will be connected.

- The connection of the panels must be according to the PWM load regulator or MPPT Load regulator and the power delivered. The serial or parallel connection must be kept in mind to ensure the durability of the charge controller.

In PlusEnergy the products are clearly differentiated to avoid confusion, in addition, the team of professionals with years of experience in the sector is available to answer questions and advise you for free and without obligation. In PlusEnergy.

Regarding the solar kit batteries:

- Lead-acid batteries (open, AGM or GEL) affect them very negatively and break down much earlier when they do not frequently reach the state of flotation (+ 95% of their charge). We will never reach that state of charge with little solar power in solar kits. If we put excessively large batteries, yes, we will have a lot of autonomy, but we will not be able to use the solar system regularly, they will be discharged and it will be an investment that is hardly amortizable, therefore they are related in the solar kit to the solar panels.


- There are many types of batteries for each use when buying solar kit. If you want an economical system with monoblock batteries, keep in mind that its useful life is also shorter.

- Sizing the batteries according to consumption is essential. A 250Ah battery in a solar kit for housing that is normally consumed 200Ah (an 80% discharge) is worn out more than a solar kit for housing with 500Ah to which the same 200Ah is extracted (40% discharge ). The paradox can be given that the 250Ah battery, even if it is of a higher quality, has a shorter life than the 500Ah battery due to the requirement of use.

- Finally, and probably one of the most repeated points in many articles is the parallel or series connection of the batteries inside the solar kits. Since it is always recommended to have an equalizer so that the batteries do not have malfunctions or reduced life.

All PlusEnergy kits are sized according to the rest of the installation elements, and in all cases we recommend the best options for the type of solar kit connection for both batteries and other components.

Regarding the solar kit inverters:

- The inverter, due to being on as a component in a solar kit has its own consumption, and this consumption must be taken into account to design and size the solar kit correctly.

- The classic battery inverter draws energy from them, so opting for an excessively powerful inverter in a small battery bank in a solar kit, implies an overexertion for batteries that in the medium term will shorten their useful life and so which would cause the kit to malfunction.

- In the market there is a wide variety of investors that can be attractive both by design and price which will make it have a cheap solar kit but will not ensure proper operation since it can be modified Wave. The only types of inverters that can be used in a photovoltaic solar kit installation and expect optimal results are pure sine wave inverters, and any solar kit that includes a modified wave inverter can adversely affect the connected devices.


In PlusEnergy all inverters are pure sine wave, all the kits that include the self-consumption kits with batteries take into account the stand-by consumption of the inverter for calculations and installation needs. In addition, the calculation of the batteries, solar panels and power of the inverter is taken into account not only from the perspective of the needs of self-consumption, but also so that it is not counterproductive to invest in a product of greater performance and therefore so that The investment is amortizable, profitable and durable.

In PlusEnergy we are committed to quality, durability and transparency, hence all our products have a guarantee of operation by the manufacturer, the advice is performed only by expert professionals.

Buy solar kit or solar panels kit

In PlusEnergy you can find a wide range of solar kits and all kinds of solar kit with components of the most internationally renowned manufacturers and with a guarantee of operation.

Buying solar kit is fast, simple and safe, trust only with those companies that guarantee the operation of your solar kit as PlusEnergy.

The photovoltaic kits have all the necessary elements so that self-consumption is possible in your home, ship or residence, contact our professionals for more information when buying solar kit for home, buy solar kit for housing, buy solar kit for motorhome, buy solar grid injection kit and more. The solar photovoltaic kits of PlusEnergy are at your disposal with guarantee of operation and free advice.

In PlusEnergy we advise you on the characteristics and price solar panels for a home that best adapt to your needs, as well as solar energy for homes and solar kit offer, we are at your disposal.

Buy cheap solar kit

In PlusEnergy we offer you the possibility to buy solar kits for housing solar kits for vans, solar kits for motor homes at the best price for a solar kit installation and start-up installation with guarantee of operation.

If you are still thinking about where to buy cheap solar kit contact us or visit us and without obligation we will advise you on what type of photovoltaic kit you need depending on your needs.

Buying solar kit at the best price is now easier than ever.

PlusEnergy is at your disposal to advise you on Solar Kits or any of the products on our website, contact us for more information.

Characteristics of a Solar Kit for Housing and a Photovoltaic Installation

New photovoltaic solar kits for habitual housing in WccSolar

There are many uses that can be given to a solar energy kit, this will depend on the components you need for your photovoltaic installation. There are people who need a solar kit for a country house, others an insulated solar kit for homes or a solar kit for motorhome and caravan, there is a solar kit for pumping well water and another solar kit for a pool treatment plant.

In all these types of solar kit with panels the installation of efficient solar panels will always be needed, in some batteries will be needed as in the isolated solar installations, which are of the 12V solar kit, 24V solar kit or 48V solar kit type defined by the number of accumulators that one owns and their connection; In other types of solar kits, batteries will not be needed as in the solar grid injection kits that work directly with solar panels and the inverter.

Now we can also find in the market a solar water pump kit or solar pool scrubber kit which work in the same way with solar panels or solar panels without batteries and without using the power grid to fulfill its function.

Buy a solar kit in Wccsolar 

Cheap solar pumping kit or energy kit with self-consumption plates

When you buy a solar kit in Wccsolar you can find the best offers and the best prices for both the solar kit with all the complete components and the photovoltaic energy product separately.


Our photovoltaic equipment is designed from top quality materials and has step-by-step instructions for easy assembly. In addition, in case of doubt, you can call our WccSolar technical service and they will advise you at all times on your solar installation, clearing all your doubts and offering you a reliable and pleasant shopping experience.

In WccSolar we are Multibrand Distributors of Solar Energy Supplies.


WccSolar is First Distributor of several brands of Solar Inverters, We also have an associated technical service to respond quickly to any problem or incident that could be caused by your Inverter devices.


This technical service will be active both during the warranty period and outside this period. In which this service will be offered to the client so that any problem can be solved. Offering peace of mind to the customer in the purchase of our devices.

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