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The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase Inverter is prepared to work in three-phase grid connection installations. It is prepared to add in the future, when Huawei enables this possibility, batteries that increase their degree of self-consumption. The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-Phase Inverter incorporates two MPPTs that offer more flexibility and efficiency to the system along with Wi-Fi connectivity. An inverter with great versatility and operating efficiency.

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Technical Description Inverter Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase

The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Inverter for grid connection is prepared to be installed in homes that are fed with three-phase current. This inverter is an intermediate model within the new residential range of Huawei grid connection three-phase inverters.

The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Inverter incorporates 2 MPPTs that allow the installation of the panels in two groups so that each of the groups can be installed with a different inclination, orientation or different electrical characteristics. Thanks to these integrated MPPTs, the Huawei SUN2000-4KTL inverter maximizes the efficiency of the solar panels in such a way that the investment made pays off faster since the home is offered the maximum energy at all times depending on the number and type of solar panels installed and the solar radiation they are receiving.

Some of the safety features offered by the Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Inverter are the direct current disconnector, anti-island protection, against alternating current overcurrent and against direct current reverse polarity, as well as string monitoring. The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL inverter also features DC insulation detection and residual current monitoring unit. In addition, its LCD screen allows monitoring of system performance. This inverter is capable of working between -25ºC and 60ºC and has IP65 protection.

Physical Characteristics Inverter Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase

The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 Triphasic 4kW Inverter has dimensions of 525 x 470 x 166 mm and a weight of 17 kg, a very light device so that it can be installed by a single person. This inverter does not incorporate a screen, but instead has several LEDs for quick visual control and complete monitoring through the app through the included Wi-Fi connectivity.

Common Uses Inverter Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase

The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-Phase Inverter offers an intermediate solution within the three-phase models of Huawei's new KTL range. The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase Inverter is prepared to be installed in those photovoltaic installations in which the house also has a connection to the electricity grid, so that the consumption of the house made during the daytime hours that the panels receive Solar radiation will take the energy supplied by the panels as a priority, while the night hours or daytime consumptions made on days when there is little or no solar radiation will take the energy from the electrical network. In this way, the Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Triphasic Inverter offers significant savings in the electricity bill for those homes that carry out the usual consumption during daytime hours. The Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase Inverter is prepared to work with batteries that increase their degree of self-consumption in the future, although at the moment this function is disabled.

Install Inverter Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase

The FusionSolar application can be found in the Android and iOS App stores to install it and allows the inverter to communicate with the monitoring system through the WiFi connection. Once the user is created, the plant is established to be able to monitor the operation of the inverter.

To download the application, visit the corresponding application store with your mobile terminal and search for the FusionSolar App.

If you want the installation and start-up of the Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase Inverter, you must have a photovoltaic professional. Contact us for more information.

Buy Inverter Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M14kW Three-phase

Buying the Inverter Huawei SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase is easy, fast and safe through WccSolar, consult the technical sheet and installation manual for more information, if you have any questions about the compatibility, installation, connection, etc. of the Huawei Inverter SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW Three-phase contact us and our technical department will advise you without obligation.

Inverter Huawei Three-phase Hybrid SUN2000-4KTL-M1 4kW

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1.185,00 €Price
  • Data sheet


    • Maximum Efficiency 98.3%
    • European efficiency 97.1%


    • Recommended maximum DC input 8,000 Wp
    • Max input voltage 1 1,100 V
    • Operating voltage range of MPPT 2 140 V ~ 980 V
    • Minimum input voltage 200 V
    • MPPT Max Power Voltage Range 190V ~ 850V
    • Rated input voltage 600 V
    • Maximum input current per MPPT: 12.5 A
    • Maximum short circuit current: 18A
    • Quantity of MPP 2 Trackers
    • Max number of inputs per MPPT 1


    • Connection to electrical network Three phases
    • AC Active Power Rating 4,000 W
    • Max AC apparent power 4,400 VA
    • Nominal Output Voltage 220 Vac / 380 Vac, 230 Vac / 400 Vac, 3W / N+PE
    • Rated AC mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
    • Max output current 6.8 A
    • Adjustable power factor 0.8 capacitive ... 0.8 inductive
    • Max total harmonic distortion ≤ 3%


    • Input Side Disconnect Device: Yes
    • Anti-island protection: Yes
    • DC reverse polarity protection: Yes
    • Insulation monitoring: Yes
    • Protection against atmospheric discharges CC:  Yes
    • AC lightning protection:  Yes
    • Residual current monitoring: Yes
    • AC overcurrent protection: Yes
    • AC short circuit protection: Yes
    • AC surge protection: Yes
    • Protection against electric arc: Yes
    • Ripple Receiver Control: Yes
    • DC MBUS to optimizer: No


    • Operating temperature range: -25 ~ +60 °C (Derating above 45 °C @ Rated output power)
    • Relative Operating Humidity 0%RH100%RH
    • Operating altitude 0 - 4,000 m (decrease in electrical capacity from 3,000 m)
    • Ventilation Natural convection
    • Display LED indicators; Integrated WLAN + FusionSolar app
    • RS485 communication; WLAN / Ethernet via Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE; 4G/3G/2G via Smart Dongle-4G
    • (Optional)
    • Weight (including mounting bracket) 17 kg
    • Dimensions (including mounting bracket) 525 x 470 x 166 mm
    • IP65 degree of protection
    • Consumption at night during power < 5.5 W


    • Safety EN/IEC 62109-1, EN/IEC 62109-2, IEC 62116
    • Electrical grid connection standards G98, G99, EN 50438, CEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N-4105, AS 4777, C10/11, ABNT, UTE C15-712, RD 1699, TOR D4, NRS
    • 097-2-1, IEC61727, IEC62116, DEWA 2.0
  • Huawei Solar FusionSolar APP

    We inform you that the Huawei Solar FusionSolar APP is not available on Google Play (Android).

    From now on, to be able to monitor and configure Huawei settings through the FusionSolar APP, you must download the application from Huawei AppGallery .

    AppGallery (Android) is the platform for acquiring Huawei's mobile applications. Through the link you have to download the APK file of the application for installation.

    We leave you download option :

    Link : Click here to download

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