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Advantages of cynetic cpzs batteries accumulator 2v batteries

One of the advantages of 2 volt cpzs batteries is that together with opzs batteries they provide the longest life that can be obtained from lead acid technology. Its tubular lead plate construction is the longest lasting of those manufactured for deep cycle applications such as solar energy. The price is much lower than an opzs battery having both the same number of cycles 1500 at 80% and 2500 at 50% therefore the same duration in deep cycle uses. Thanks to this lower price we can acquire a battery with a higher capacity compared to an opzs for the same price with the advantages that this implies , such as a lower depth of discharge and therefore a longer duration.

If we order the market options in lead acid batteries, we have from longer to shorter duration (cycles):

Opzs and cpzs batteries> tubular monoblock batteries (cynetic tubular)> deep cycle flat plate batteries (trojan, us battery or rolls 4000 type)> standard solar 12v monoblock batteries> starter batteries (truck)

Differences between cpzs batteries and opzs batteries

One of the differences between cpzs and opzs batteries is the plastic used in the container, which in the case of CPZS is flexible and opaque polypropylene compared to the transparent SAN plastic of opzs batteries.

Another difference is that in the case of opzs we have a greater reserve of electrolyte compared to cpzs. This means that in the cpzs we must add water every 2 or 3 months and in the opzs, as we have a larger reserve, we can lengthen these periods by double and in the case of the cynetic opzs even eliminate maintenance.

These are the main differences, as we have commented in both cases the technology inside is the same in opzs and cpzs thanks to its tubular plate with the same number of cycles (times that they can be loaded and unloaded) so both options they will give the best result available on the market for solar and deep cycle installations.

Charging and maintenance of cynetic cpzs batteries

Charging of 2 volt cynetic cpzs batteries can be done using solar regulators or chargers. In solar installations we recommend charging the batteries at a voltage of 2.48v per cell in the absorption stage with between 2 and 3 hours of time in this stage. It is recommended to equalize (see what is the equalization charge) once a month at 2.60v per cell for 3 or 4 hours depending on the depth of discharge.

For the maintenance of cynetic cpzs batteries we only have to worry about filling with distilled water when they need it. As an automatic filling system is supplied as standard, we will be able to see the water level in each glass with the level indicator of each cap in a comfortable way and refill when we mark a low level.

Cynetic cpzs batteries extended warranty

Cynetic batteries, due to their high resistance, have a 3 + 2-year warranty against manufacturing defect in which the first 3 years the warranty is total and in the unlikely event that they have a fault in an element outside of these 3 years of guarantee a discount of 50% would be applied the 4th year and 40% the 5th year in the acquisition of a new one.


Manufacture of cynetic cpzs batteries

Cynetic cpzs batteries are manufactured in the European Union with the strictest environmental and quality control regulations. All machinery and production lines of our batteries use the German HADI system, the same as the leading brands.


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Cpzs 930A 12-socket batteries for 24v system

SKU: cpzs930ah12va
2.018,00 €Price
  • Batteries includes:

    12 Elements cpzs 930Ah of 2 volts (for 24v installation)

    Bridges for connecting batteries in series

    Screws Stainless steel for terminals

    Plugs with water meter function

  • Size and weight

    Shipping weight: 432KG

    Size of a glass: Size of a glass: 64cm * 20cm * 10cm

    Weight of a glass: 36KG

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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