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Huawei presents one of the most anticipated products for the photovoltaic market. The new modular lithium battery Huawei LUNA2000-5/10/15-S0. This high voltage battery will be compatible with a wide variety of self-consumption inverters on the market, but it is especially interesting to use it together with the new single-phase inverters Huawei SUN2000 All L1 and M1 models.


Huawei LUNA2000

Huawei LUNA Installation Guide

Huawei LUNA2000 Manual


This new Huawei battery will allow up to 30kWh to be connected in parallel thanks to its 5kWh modular design in its different 5, 10 and 15kWh models. 


- Modular design. 5, 10 and 15kWh models parallelizable up to 30kWh

- 10 year warranty

- Compatible con inversores híbridos monofásicos de Huawei SUN2000KTL, Huawei SUN2000 KTL-L1 y trifásicos de Huawei SUN2000 KTL -M0 and KTL-M1.



Features new modular lithium battery Huawei LUNA2000-5/10/15-S0
Like all Huawei solar products, the new LUNA2000 battery looks very good. Aesthetically it follows the line of its flagship product, the Huawei SUN2000L single-phase inverters.

Compact and modular design combined with the latest technology that make it an intelligent lithium battery with the latest features for self-consumption installations with accumulation.


Huawei Luna2000    
- More energy at your disposal

 100% download depth

- flexible expansion

5kWh modular design expandable from 5 to 30kWh

- Safe and reliable

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Cell Technology

- easy assembly

Compact design with only 12kg for the BMS and 50kg for the battery modules.

- Quick commissioning

The new LUNA2000 battery as well as the new generation of Huawei inverters and optimizers are automatically detected by the Huawei Solar App, allowing simple and fast commissioning. 

- Guaranteed compatibility


Compatible with Huawei's single-phase and three-phase residential inverters.


Models and inverters compatible with the Huawei LUNA2000-5/10/15-S0 battery.

Huawei's new LUNA2000 battery features 5kWh capacity modules. Up to 3 modules can be stacked to obtain a capacity of 15kWh, although 2 towers can be connected in parallel to reach 30kWh. 


Huawei LUNA2000-5-10-15-S0 modular lithium battery

The new Huawei LUNA2000-S0 battery consists of a LUNA2000-5KW-C0 BMU or BMS control module and 1 to 3 LUNA2000-5-E0 lithium battery modules.


Inverters compatible with Huawei LUNA2000 battery:
- Huawei SUN2000L-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5KTL single-phase residential inverters

- Huawei SUN2000-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1 single-phase residential inverters

- Huawei SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M0 single-phase residential inverters

- Huawei SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1 single-phase residential inverters


Huawei LUNA2000 15kWh Lithium Battery Installation

In order to provide maximum protection for both the inverter and the system in general, we advise you to put a Protection and pre-installation Kit. La instalación de este modelo de Inversor Batería Litio Huawei LUNA2000 15kWh es sencilla con tu kit de preinstalación, no obstante en Wccsolar le recomendamos que el Batería Lithium Huawei LUNA2000 15kWh be installed by a photovoltaic professional, or the installation instructions are strictly followed to avoid bad connections and breakdowns due to incorrect installation.


Buy Huawei LUNA2000 15kWh Lithium Battery is fast, safe and comfortable thanks to Wccsolar



Battery Lithium Huawei LUNA2000 15kWh + BMS

8.446,00 € Regular Price
7.699,00 €Sale Price
  • Data sheet

    Battery phase: 1 and 3
    High / Low Voltage: High Voltage
    Rated Voltage (V): 350-600
    Capacity de security: yes
    Self-consumption capacity: yes
    Network connection: network and off-grid
    Inverter Compatibility : Huawei L1 and M1 

    Usable battery energy: 15 kWh.
    Maximum power output: 7.5 kW.
    Maximum output power: 10.5 kW, 10 s.
    Nominal voltage (single-phase system / L1): 360 V.
    Operating voltage range (single phase / L1 system): 350-560 V.
    Nominal voltage (three-phase system / M1): 600 V.
    Operating voltage range (3-phase / M1 system): 600-980 V.
    Display: SOC status indicator, LED indicator.
    Communication: RS485 / CAN (only for parallel operation).
    Operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C.
    Cooling: natural convection.
    Protection degree: IP66.
    Noise emission: <29 dB.
    Cell technology: lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4).
    Compatible inverters: Huawei SUN2000-2/3/3.68/4/4.6/5/6KTL-L1, Huawei SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1.
    Weight: 63.8 kg including the floor base (power control module-12 kg, a battery module-50 kg).
    Dimension (W x D x H): 670 x 150 x 650mm (power control module-670x150x240mm, a battery module-670x150x360mm)
    10 year warranty.

  • Product Includes

    -3 Battery Moon 5KWH
    -BMS for Battery up to 15KW


In WccSolar we are Multibrand Distributors of Solar Energy Supplies.


WccSolar is First Distributor of several brands of Solar Inverters, We also have an associated technical service to respond quickly to any problem or incident that could be caused by your Inverter devices.


This technical service will be active both during the warranty period and outside this period. In which this service will be offered to the client so that any problem can be solved. Offering peace of mind to the customer in the purchase of our devices.

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All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

All our products for Renewable Energies comply with the most demanding regulations.

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