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Photovoltaic Systems. The best option over time?

A clear testimony that a photovoltaic system can be the best option in terms of energy production and durability over the years is the San Roque solar photovoltaic plant in Cádiz, which has just completed a decade of green energy production. This photovoltaic park was built by Endesa ten years ago in the Guadarranque Industrial Estate and is made up of more than 67,000 solar panels, distributed over 37 hectares, producing 24 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year.

This is not the only photovoltaic plant that Endesa has in Andalusia, as it also has a plant in Aznalcóllar in the province of Seville. Over time we have been able to observe that both large corporations and many individuals are committed to implementing photovoltaic systems on a larger scale, since they bring clean energy production, greatly reduce the production of carbon dioxide and more than all reduce to a great extent and even manage to avoid costs of Invoices produced by this service. Today there are photovoltaic systems for all needs and at all prices; for example 12v solar kits, widely used in small installations and motorhomes; there are the 24v solar kits, used in medium-sized installations and homes; There are also solar kits connected to the network, submersible pump kits, purification kits for swimming pools, etc. And you are still wondering if a photovoltaic system is the best option? Contact us to receive information to acquire your perfect kit.

En WccSolar somos Distribuidores Multimarca de Suministros en Energía Solar.

Disponemos de un equipo de postventa líder en el campo fotovoltaico
Sirviendo a más de 800 instaladores.

WccSolar es Primero Distribuidor de vario marca de Inversores solares, Ofrecemos servicio técnico asociado para dar respuesta rápida a cualquier problema o incidencia que se pudiese ocasionar con sus dispositivos Inversores.

Este servicio técnico será activo tanto durante el período de garantía como fuera de este período. En el cual se ofrecerá este servicio al cliente para que se pueda solucionar cualquier problema. Ofreciendo tranquilidad al cliente en la compra de nuestros dispositivos.

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Atención al Cliente

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Servicio Técnico

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Horario: 10:00-14:30

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Lunes a Viernes

De 10:00 a 19:00

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Envíos a España:
24H-48H en paqueteria
3-5 dias laborales en el resto de productos
3-10 días laborales a Canarias
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Todo nuestros productos para Energías Renovables cumplen con las normativas más exigentes.

Todo nuestros productos para Energías Renovables cumplen con las normativas más exigentes.

Culso DEYE

Para que este Magnífico inversor sea más fácil de entender para todos, hemos lanzado un Curso configuración e instalación de Inversor DEYE.
después de aprobar el Curso disfrutar de la garantía durante 10 años.

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